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Siberian Cat Breed Standards

Siberian Cat Breed standard for body  WinterfellCats North carolina

We place a strong emphasis on upholding the breed's integrity. This commitment is reflected in our strict adherence to the established breed standards set by prestigious international cat associations. We participate in cat shows to ensure our Siberian cats meet the established breed standards, guaranteeing that you receive exceptional kittens. You can expect Winterfell Siberians  to exhibit luxuriant fur, vibrant colors, and captivating eyes.

TICA Breed Standards:

  • Personality:  Temperament unchallenging, Affectionate, Agile, Intelligent, Loyal, Playful, and Social


















  • Head Shape: Modified wedge of medium/large size with rounded contours, in good proportion to the body.  The head is broader at the top of the skull and narrows slightly to a full-rounded muzzle.  The cheekbones  are neither high set nor prominent.

    • Eyes: Large, slightly oval and rounded at the lower edge, set at a slight slant and wide apart with the outer corner angled slightly towards the base of the ear.  The eyes should be set more than one eye’s width apart. 

    • Profile: The top of the head is almost flat, with a slight nose curvature of a gentle slope from the forehead to the nose and a slight convex curvature 

    • Chin:  The chin is well-rounded but not protruding, and is in line with the nose.

    • Muzzle: The muzzle is short in length, full and rounded.  There is a slight muzzle curvature, but the transition between the side of the head and the muzzle is gentle and inconspicuous

    • Neck: Rounded, substantial and well-muscled.

    • Ears:  Medium-large, rounded, and tilt slightly forward. The ears should be set as much on the sides of the head as on top.  Ideal position is one to one and one half ear width apart.  The hair over the back of the ear is short and thin.  From the middle of the ear, the furnishings become longer and cover the base of the ear.  

  • Body:  Heavy, moderately long and substantial with rump slightly higher than withers. Back slightly arched. Convex muscular torso and compact belly with age. 

    • Torso:  The body is medium in length, and  well-muscled with the back arched slightly higher than the shoulders, with a barrel-shaped, firm belly giving the sensation of solid weight (which appears with age).

    • Feet:  The feet are big and rounded, with toe tufts desirable.

    • Tail:  The tail is medium in length, wide at the base, tapering slightly to a blunt tip.  The tail should be somewhat shorter than the length of the body.

    • Boning:  Substantial. 

    • Musculature: Substantial, powerful.

  • Coat: Thick Triple coat with hypoallergenic properties due to a lower level of protein Fel d 1​

    • Coat can be many colors​

      • Black, Brown, Red, Creme, Gold, Silver, White, Lilac, etc.​

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