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Kitten & Queen Waitlist  

These lists are the current families who have applied and placed deposits to be added to the waitlist or reserve a kitten.  Waitlist members will have the opportunity to reserve kittens when they reach 4-5 weeks of age, enabling them to witness the kittens' development firsthand.  Selection for each litter will start at the top of the list   Once it is your turn to select then you will receive 3 days to reserve the kitten of your choice before it passes to the next person. You will be contacted prior to your turn to select but it will be listed here as well.


Kitten Waitlist 

Last Updated: May 26, 2024

Retired Queen Waitlist 

Last Updated: May 5, 2024

** Exceptions:  In rare cases with extenuating circumstances if a family needs to return to the waitlist after reserving a kitten, Winterfellcats reserves the right to reinstate them based on their deposit date.  Kittens can be held back to be evaluated as breeders.  If Winterfell determines 2 kittens are bonded then they can be offered to go home together even if only one kitten deposit was collected. 

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