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About Siberian Forest Cats

Welcome to our journey through the captivating history of Siberian Forest Cats, a majestic breed with a rich heritage that stretches back centuries. If you're considering bringing one of these magnificent felines into your home, understanding their history is the first step to appreciating their extraordinary qualities.

siberian-cats- Russia.jpg
siberian-cats- Russia.jpg

Siberian Cat History

Ancient Origins:
Siberian Forest Cats, often referred to as "Moscow Cats" or "Siberian Cats," are believed to have roamed the forests of Russia for more than a thousand years. These resilient and adaptable felines are native to the vast Siberian wilderness and have thrived in one of the harshest climates on Earth


Guardians of Russian Royalty:
Throughout history, Siberian Forest Cats have held a special place in Russian folklore and aristocracy. They were treasured as both mousers and companions by the Russian Tsars, who appreciated their thick, insulating fur and enchanting personalities. These cats were even featured in Russian fairy tales and were considered a symbol of good luck.

Natural Adaptations:  

One of the most remarkable aspects of Siberian Forest Cats is their natural adaptations to their harsh environment. Their luxurious, triple-layered fur helped them withstand freezing temperatures, and their robust build and keen hunting instincts allowed them to survive in the wild.

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