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Adoption Process

If a kitten is available on the website then you can request to reserve the available kitten by completing the form below. If there is not a kitten you are interested in adopting that is available then you can request to join our waitlist so that you can be guaranteed the first selection of a kitten in a future litter based on your spot on the waitlist.

Available Kitten Reservations:

  • Please answer a few questions below to reserve a kitten and provide the name of the kitten that you are interested in.

  • Once I review your adoption request then we can discuss the kitten in more detail and I will provide a way for you to make a deposit

  • A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the available kitten of your choice.

  • The purpose of the deposit is that I guarantee that I will not sell the kitten of your choice while you guarantee that you are buying the kitten. ​

  • Once the deposit is received the website will be updated to reflect your first name and last initial as the reserving family

    • At this time no other families will be able to adopt your kitten. 

  • Regular kitten updates will be provided so you can watch your new baby grow up until they go home at approx. 3 months old.​

Waitlist Requests:

  • Please answer a few questions to join the waitlist.

  • A $100 deposit is required to secure your spot on the waitlist.  Once you complete the form information will be provided on how to make a deposit which will be credited to the kitten purchase price.

Kitten Selection & Reservations:

  • If a new litter becomes available the people on the waitlist will get first choice of the new kittens.

  • Kitten selection typically occurs when our kittens reach the age of 5 weeks, depending on your place on the waitlist.

  • The order in which you join the waitlist will determine your priority for choosing your final kitten.

  • In the event that someone ahead of you does not respond within a week of their turn, the next person on the list will have the opportunity to select their kitten.

  • If you would like to pass on a litter and wait for the next litter then you will maintain your spot on the waitlist.

Kitten Exclusions:

  • Occasionally, some kittens may be excluded from the selection process as they are being observed or chosen as future Sires or Queens.

  • In some cases there may be an extremely bonded kitten pair in these cases WinterfellCats can offer the kittens as a pair to people on the waitlist to go as a pair to people on the waitlist during their turn even if they have not paid a 2nd deposit fee per for a 2nd kitten.

Kittens Pedigree:

  • Kittens pedigrees can be transferred to new owners TICA account for a $60 fee to cover TICA costs.

Request to
Reserve an Available Kitten or Join our Waitlist  

If you are unable to submit for for any reason contact us through email

Reason for Request

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Contact Information

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Do you have any kitten preferences?

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