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Colors and Patterns
- In process of updating


Tabby: Stripes

Silver: Stiped cat with white undercoat

Solid: One color no markings

Smoke: Solid cat with white undercoat

Tortishell: splotches of 3 or more colors *female only

Torbie: 3 colors with strips

Colorpoint/Neva: white cat with colors on tail, ears, and face

Lynx Colorpoint: white cat with Stripes on the tail, ears and face 

Black Silvers
Black silvers have stripes and a white undercoat that develops with age.  They are born looking very black with some stripes.  Most litters have black silver kittens since our Champion Sire Lucious is a Black Silver with White 

Black / Blue Smokes
Smokes are similar to Silver with a white undercoat but they will not have strips on their legs, face and tails.  Kittens will be born looking like solid black or blue  then their white undercoats will slowly develop as their fur grows in.  As they age they will develop white Maines with extreme white undercoats

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