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Get Ready for your New Kitten!

Bringing home a new kitten is an exciting experience! To ensure a smooth transition and a happy, healthy life for your new feline friend, here's a list of essential items to have:

New Kitten Checklist


Make a vet appointment so you can get confirmation of the kittens health within the first 3 days of receiving your kitten.

Kittens come with

  • Wellness check

  • 2 FeLV vaccines approx. (7 & 11 weeks)

  • Dewormed with Panacur 

Your responsibility

  • Wellness check within 3 days

  • Spay / Neuter by 6 months of age

  • 3rd FeLV vaccine booster

  • Microchipping kitten


Kittens grow-up raw (Rabbit & Beef) and Hill's Science Diet kitten Chicken 

  • Hill's Science Diet​ Kitten Chicken Recipe
  • Please purchase more and if you would like to change the kittens food due it slowly over a 2 week period to avoid diarrhea from changing food too quickly

Allergy Food:

  • If you have bad allergies many people are reporting excellent results by using Purina ProPlan LiveClear which is clinically proven to lower allergens by 47%


Kittens love a lot of toys and need to scratch

  • Catnip toysBalls, Feathers, etc.

  • A scratching post, tree or cardboard scratchers

Fur care

Kittens will need to be groomed

  • Metal Comb will help to avoid tangles 

    • If a kitten or cat get something in their fur including some poop put baby powder or cornstarch to dry out then comb out with metal comb.​

      • Then give bath with kitten safe shampoo or dawn dish soap if needed but 1st brush out dried out poop.​

  • FURminator can be used 

Allergies to Cats:


Kittens will need to be transported in carriers

  • Bring a carrier when picking up kitten and to go to vet

  • Carriers will be provided for couriers air travel


Kittens and cats can benefit from many supplements


Kittens start with Cat Attract Kitten (Clay) but are then provided crystals so they will know both when you get the kitten.  


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