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Kitten Pickup & Delivery

Transportation options to bring your kitten home!

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Pickup at
Winterfell Home

Kittens can be picked up at the Winterfell home with an arranged time on the weekend.  Please bring your kitten carrier since the kittens are not old enough to drive. 

It is important to come at prearranged time to ensure an easy kitten transition and that we are available. 

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Airplane Courier / Nanny Services

Kittens can be carried on airplanes by cat couriers / nannies. Couriers can be referred to you by Winterfell or you can locate one on your own.  Kittens will need to be shipped from RDU - Raleigh Durham Airport.  Prices range from $500+ depending on location to ship.

Couriers can be found online:

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Car Door to Door Delivery Services

There are many door to door driving services to transport your kitten.


Drivers can be found online:

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