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Our Story...

Welcome to The House of WinterfellCats, where our passion for our cat companions has guided our journey to become your trusted Siberian cat breeder, nestled just outside Raleigh, NC. Our story is a testament to the profound love we hold for cats, that was rekindled after the loss of our loving cat, 'Patience' that slept in our children's cribs.  The loss of 'Patience' left our children heartbroken, motivating us to embark on a quest for a new family companion. However, we soon realized that allergies were preventing friends and family from visiting our home regularly so we decided to find a hypoallergenic kitten. We searched for such a kitten, combing through Siberian cat breeders across the United States, only to be met with extensive waiting lists.  Just when we were on the verge of giving up, we secured the perfect Siberian kitten. Unfortunately, our eagerness led us into an online kitten scam, shattering our dreams of welcoming a new kitten into our home.

After this heart breaking experience we decided to become a Siberian Cat breeder so that we could become a trusted place for other families to realize their dreams to have a Siberian kitten.  We dedicated our time to research Siberians and find excellent breeders abroad, all bearing International Championship Bloodlines as proof of their adherence to the Siberian Cat breed standards. Our cats carry prestigious Grand International Champion bloodlines with relatives even making appearances on magazine covers.  We currently have been awarded Championship status with TICA and hold the ranking of the Top 3 Siberian Cats in the South East region.  

Our Siberian cats aren't just pets; they are cherished members of our household and are not caged.  Our Siberian kittens are nurtured with high quality food, extensive socialization and exposure to common household sounds, ensuring they grow up well-adjusted. Dedicated to being excellent breeders based on cat associations criteria, we take our role seriously and only allow kittens to leave our care after reaching three months of age, received age appropriate vaccinations and are well-socialized so they will be ready to become cherished members of your family.  

We are profoundly honored and excited to share the joy of bringing a Winterfell Siberian kitten into your loving home!

Golden Classic Torbie Siberian Cat Winterfellcats North Carolina bloodlines from Ukraine
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