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Sire & Queens 

As a TICA Registered Breeder committed to breeding championship-title-holding, hypoallergenic Siberian Cats that adhere to TICA and international breed standards, following responsible breeding guidelines.​


All of our cats carry a different distinctive recessive gene, yielding unique litters that encompass every imaginable Siberian kitten color and pattern, including Traditional Tabbies (spotted, mackerel & classic), Solids, Smokes, Shaded and Neva Masquerades, in a captivating palette featuring Golden, Silver, Red, Cream, Sunshine, White, Black, Blue, Lilac, and Browns.  ​

All our Siberian Cat parents were carefully selected based on health, genetic diversity, temperament while meeting breed standards and boasting International Grand Championship Bloodlines.  WinterfellCats are Ranked as the Top 3 Siberian Cats in the South East Region.  Parents have been screened for Health issues and genetic issues.

TICA Rankings for Siberian Cats SE Region 2023-2024
TICA Siberian points Oct. 2023 - hearts.png
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